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The Isadora is a 'dahabiyah' or 'dahabia', meaning ‘the golden one’" in Arabic.
In the past, travel by dahabiyah was reserved for the pharaoh and the greatest notables of the kingdom. Today, travel by dahabiyah remains, a comfortable and luxurious experience.

The Isadora has 6 cabins and 2 en-suites combining comfort and privacy. The experience on board is far removed from mass cruises. The Isadora will take you to discover the Nile and Egypt, in an exclusive and authentic setting.

On board, go back in time, while watching the unique landscapes along the river. Spend time with your Egyptologist guide and the history of 3000 years of civilization, which still holds many mysteries. Enjoy a discreet but endearing crew whose attentions will never fail to surprise you.

Cruising the Nile on board the Isadora offers travellers an authentic experience both by subtly mixing the nautical way of living and the pleasure of discovery during unforgettable stopovers.
A perfect blend of tradition and luxury in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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