The Isadora
Offering both tradition and comfort


This river-going sailboat was common in Egypt in the days of the Pharaoh’s when sophisticated travellers loved to cruise the Nile in style. The boats were covered with gold. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was considered the best means of transport to discover Egypt.
Isadora is a recent dahabiyah, built in 2017 in colonial style and beautifully appointed. It is a replica of old dahabiyahs, adapted to the current requirements of comfort. The proportions and qualities of the original dahabiya’s have been respected. It is a double lateen ship sailing with wind, which allows you to better appreciate the Nile in silence. Moreover, the small, maneuverable Dahabiya is able to sail to less accessible monuments, islands in the river and villages along the banks, where a huge cruise ship could never access or dock.

Authentic Comfort

The Isadora provides a unique blend of authentic architecture and modern luxury. It has its own distinct character and atmosphere. The interior and exterior spaces are in harmony with traditional dahabiya’s. The large, mostly shaded sun deck level is a friendly open space where you will find tranquility or you can rendezvous with friends at the open-air Jacuzzi, or nearby bar.

Wifi is available on the boat.

The rooms

Set in a traditional-style the 6 double bedrooms and 2 suites are chic and stylish. They are built in wood and have large windows giving a view of life on the river with high quality bedding. They all have air-conditioning and parquet floor. The 2 large suites of 15 m2 have a private balcony.

Life on board and crew

Between the visits to the wonderful Egyptian historical sites, life on board will allow you to immerse yourself in a timeless journey.
From sunrise to sunset, the scenes of local daily life can be viewed on the banks of The Nile. Local residents have kept many of the traditional customs including fishing and agriculture. Their life flows through the water and the sun.
The deck with its tearoom, solarium, and nap corner is a cozy place to share pleasant moments. Berber lounge chairs and cushions complete this comfort. The open-air restaurant, ideal for enjoying the view, is on the upper deck. You will enjoy a typical and refined cuisine, made from fresh ingredients. It can be adapted to Western tastes, according to your wishes.
The crew of 6 to 8 people ensures your well being day after day. Providing a combination of impeccable service and authentic hospitality their goal is to make you feel that you are part of the family.
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